PAI PG Fest 2011 - Kamshet, Maharashtra

Indus Paragliding School

Indus Paragliding is a professional paragliding school based in Karla, near the famous tourist spot of Lonavla. Indus Paragliding Courses are aimed at developing students into confident paragliding pilots.

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  Indus Paragliding

Paradise Cruises, Goa

Paradise Ventures is an enterprise formed to serve you in the field of water sports, and adventure tourism and has been set up to provide guests with an insight into Goa's treasured waterways and marine resources while enjoying our luxurious cruises. At present we offer four cruisers along with numerous speedboats, canoes, water scooters, fishing gear, scuba diving gear and skin diving gear to enjoy the best of Goa's marine resources and natural beauty.

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  Paradise Cruises Goa

Paragliders United

Fly hard...talk less...do more. A bunch of 'big hearted' paragliding pilots taking that extra step in the name of the sport. Its time to give something back to the sport ...Cause the SPORT MUST GO ON...
  Paragliders United


Spot Landing Competition

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