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31 Oct - 3 Nov
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As the official announcement of 'Sikkim Paragliding Festival' is being made on September 13, 2012 - as 48 days countdown to PG Fest - Sikkim Tourism takes this opportunity to share 48 facts about Sikkim. To know more about Sikkim - Visit Sikkim Tourism


Bhum Chu

The annual holy water ceremony

Tashiding Monsatery
Tashiding Monsatery - by Walter Callens Creative Commons License

Bhum Chu, the annual holy water ceremony that prognosticates the future of the State, takes place in Tashiding monastery, one of the most sacred monasteries in Sikkim, built in 1716-17 by Ngadak Sempa Chenpo. The level of the water in Bhum or the sacred urn is believed to be a sign of fortunes of the coming year. Each year, the urn is opened along with sacred chants to verify the level of water in it. If the level of water is higher or lower, it signifies ill fortune such as droughts, diseases and natural calamities. Clear water signifies fortune. The seal of the urn is checked before measuring out the water. Three cups of water is taken out and distributed by mixing with water collected from Rathong Chu. To fill up the urn again, three cups of water is replaced from the same river, sealed until next year.


48 fatcs you did not know about sikkim
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