The First PAI Paragliding Festival - Kamshet, Maharashtra

Summer time...a great flying site...super west winds…blissful sunset flying... and a whole lot of pilot friends for company. That’s PG Fest 2011.

Its time for the whole bunch of Paragliding pilots in India coming together at one location, having a get-together… and FLYING together! The heat bears no chance to let go of such an opportunity!

Paragliding Association of India welcomes EVERYBODY in the Paragliding Community to its very first Paragliding Festival PG Fest 2011.


Well, where else! Kamshet in Maharashtra at the Shelar Hills.


06 May, 2011 - 08 May, 2011. 3 flying days - weather permitting.

Where do you stay? (Accommodation, food and transport)

We provide you complimentary stay, food and site transport during the term of the event. We provide dorm accommodations beside the Vadivali lake at Raikar Farms in Kamshet. We also provide you all meals and evening snacks at the landing after a long flight! The transport facility - to the site and back to the guest house is taken care by us..

Something little more than the usual flying!

Of course you can expect some great flying at this world famous flying site...but we also give you an opportunity to show off your flying skills at the festival! We hold Spot Landing competitions during the festival. Winner of the SPOT LANDING COMPETITION will get INR10,000/- Prize.

So you better get the glide ratio of your glider right!

AND... after those THRILLING flying hours how about some CHILLING time, Yes! we have organized a PARTY at the guest house too!

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