PAI Constitution

  • To promote, develop, control and regulate the sports of Paragliding and Paramotoring in India
  • To promote, control and regulate all Paragliding and Paramotoring competitions amongst amateurs and professionals in the State of Goa.
  • To maintain libraries for general use among the members for diffusion of useful knowledge in the field of Paragliding and Paramotoring
  • To arrange, and manage the National Paragliding and Paramotoring Championship, or any other National level championship.
  • To make similar arrangements for international championships when held in India.
  • To set the selection criteria as the Managing Committee may decide from time to time and to select a National Team for participation in international, World championship.
  • To collect funds for the purpose of the Association and employ them in such a manner as the Managing Committee considers desirable for the objectives of the Association.
  • To purchase, take, lease or hire or otherwise acquire any movable or immovable property,rights or privileges necessary or convenient for the purpose of carrying out the object of the Association or otherwise.
  • To invest moneys of the Association in such securities as may be decided upon the Managing Committee from time to time.
  • To uphold and maintain the rules and regulations and code of conduct of the Association and to take disciplinary action, as, when and where necessary, for any
  • infringement or indiscipline.
  • To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the objects.

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