Candidacy – Alokkumar Mihani

PAI Member since - 2014


POSTS - Secretary General, Managing Committee member

We are a community with an enormous span of knowledge and expertise. We can harness our collective knowledge and replace our system to design and create the best most elegant, cost effective and sound solution, not just to rating system, but to every problem we face as community.

We must focus on bringing the collective intelligence of the community where our talents can bring collective benefit

Working in accordance with NASP, developing Paragliding/Paramotoring as a sport where athletes can feel proud of representing country, developing sound local regulations so that sport can be delicately nurtured  are on my agenda.

I bring in versatile and wholesome experience of Project management (as a Professional), technical knowledge base of Paragliding (as a XC pilot, XC competition pilot, vol-biv Pilot, XC Competition Organizer), internal know how of the association workings (as an Interim President of PAI in 2022), and most importantly intention to build a better environment together.

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