PAI Pilot Rating Workshop/Evaluation

To promote safety and professional standards within the sport of Paragliding, the Paragliding Association of India (PAI) has resolved to hold P4 and P5 Ratings’ evaluations along with workshops for Tandem Pilots (Sports and Commercial). Please refer to the NPRS on our website for further details about PAI’s indigenous rating system.

The first such workshop and evaluations is planned at Narwana (near Dharamshala) in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh from March 16-24, 2024. Narwana is approximately 2 hours driving distance from the paragliding site of Bir- Billing. 

PAI affiliated Instructors Mr. Gurpreet Dhindsa and Mr. Ajay Sharma will be conducting these workshops and evaluations.

The workshop and rating evaluations are only for current members of the Paragliding Association of India. To join or renew your PAI membership please visit the official website. 

Here are the important details about this workshop and evaluations: 

1. Solo Pilot Evaluation (P4 and P5)

Date: March 16 – 17, 2024 (evaluation process per pilot is expected to be completed in 1 day) 

Location: Narwana, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

Minimum Pilot Level: P3 (as per NPRS)

Minimum Number of Attendees: 10

Maximum Number of Attendees: 20

Early Bird Participation Fee: Rs. 6500

Fee Feb 25 onwards: Rs. 7500

2. Sports Tandem and Pro Tandem Workshop and Evaluation

Date: March 18 – 24, Theory 3 days + Practical Training and Evaluation (2 Days) + 2 Spare days (incase of bad weather)

Location: Narwana, Dharamshala

Minimum Pilot Requirement: P4 (as per NPRS). Pilots must have completed a First Aid Course from a PAI recognised institute. If you are yet to do this course, you may still do the workshop. PAI will process your rating after submission of the First Aid course certificate.  

Minimum Number of Participants: 10

Maximum Number of Participants: 20

Early Bird Participation Fee: Rs. 29,000 

Fee Feb 25 onwards: Rs 31,000

To book your spot for these Workshops, we request you sign up using the link here and kindly follow the instructions written in the form:

For any further information, please reply to [email protected] this email.



  • If you are travelling to attend this course, please wait until 27th of Feb before confirming travel/ stay bookings.  We will reach out to you on or before this date once we have the minimum number of participants required to confirm the workshop and evaluation. Please do not make any travel bookings/ plans prior to this written confirmation from PAI.
  • In case we do not receive minimum participation registrations, PAI will refund the course fee in full
  • Participants will be expected to independently organize and pay for their stay and meals (boarding and lodging). This cost is not included.
  • Transportation cost to take off, transportation to venue, meals, beverages and all other incidental expenses are NOT INCLUDED in the participation cost and have to be borne by the participant.
  • Registration for the workshop does not guarantee certification/ rating, this is purely based on merit and successful evaluation by the instructors. The Workshop and Evaluation do not cover all aspects of rating, for example SIV, longest XC flight, minimum training tandem flights, first aid certifications etc. For a complete understanding of all aspects of rating please visit: