Yearly Archives: 2023

Candidacy – Arvind oak

PAI Member since – 2022 Arvind Oak POSTS – President Technical BackgrounI flew in the IAF for 29 years as a fighter pilot and test pilot on several types of fighter and transport aircraft, besides conducting flight tests and systems evaluations. I have a MIE degree (equivalent to M Tech) in aeronautics. This would be crucial if we are to…

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Candidacy – Surabhi Chavda

PAI Member since – 2017 Surabhi Chavda POSTS – President, Secretary General, Vice President, Treasurer, Managing Committee member I am Surabhi from Junagadh, a small town in Gujarat. Mountains and nature have always been a part of my life since childhood. My adventure journey started with rock climbing, followed by trekking and mountaineering. My mountain climbing experience includes several 6000-7000…

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Candidacy – Alokkumar Mihani

PAI Member since – 2014 ALOKKUMAR MIHANI POSTS – Secretary General, Managing Committee member We are a community with an enormous span of knowledge and expertise. We can harness our collective knowledge and replace our system to design and create the best most elegant, cost effective and sound solution, not just to rating system, but to every problem we face…

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Candidacy – Aman Sood

PAI Member since – 2021 Aman Sood POSTS – Managing Committee member Paragliding is a growing passion and I have been drawn towards it since 2018. So much so, that I have made Bir in Himachal my home since 2020. I organize trekking trips and guide groups to remote regions in the Indian himalayas and this profession has given me…

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Candidacy – Badari Duddupudi

PAI Member since – 2022 Badari Duddupudi POSTS – Vice President, Managing Committee member I have been working as MC member for the last 6 years, taken part in many tasks and successfully completed.  I think my  presence for another tenure may help in building PAI even stronger with newly elected team.  I seek your support to vote for me…

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